LETTERS: Traffic light at 32 Avenue cemetery should be triggered, not timed


Re: Work on 32 Avenue ‘puzzling,’ Dec. 16 letters

I heartily agree with the concern Bob Batke expressed in his recent letter to the editor regarding the design of the expansion of 32 Avenue between 168 Street and the freeway, not to mention the painfully slow progress and inexplicable sequence of construction which seems to finish an area only to tear it up and rebuild it.

I also have another concern, which I expressed in an email to the city for which I have received no response.

As I wrote to the city: many months and untold dollars have been spent widening 32 Avenue to improve its viability as a major thoroughfare in the south of the city.

Incongruously, a stop light has been installed in front of the seldom used Garden of Gethsemani cemetery.

It is a timed light, not a light triggered when needed (which would be very useful for the occasional funeral).

Time and time again the hordes of traffic utilizing 32 Avenue are needlessly stopped at a red light while there are neither vehicles nor pedestrians crossing at the light.

Why in the world are you needlessly impeding the flow of traffic with a stop light that serves no function 99 per cent of the time?

Please change that light to one that is triggered only when occasionally needed.

Cher Cartwright, Surrey

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