LETTERS: Traffic signs regularly ignored by residents

LETTERS: Traffic signs regularly ignored by residents


We are residents of White Rock who live within sight of the intersection of Johnston Road and Beachview.

There is a stop sign in place that very few drivers obey, including people driving trucks marked with the city’s emblem.

First-time visitors perhaps may stop, but residents rarely stop. We know this because we recognize the same cars, time after time.

On occasion the police will catch the culprits, but they, the culprits, merely get warnings. As well, there are drivers who fail to acknowledge the ‘No Entry’ signs and blithely and dangerously drive north at this intersection.

We have advised the city about our concerns, but nothing has been done to date. Perhaps the installation of several serious speed-bumps would deter most offenders, perhaps not.

Our apologies to Shakespeare and Richard III.

William Bell, White Rock