LETTERS: Two campaign planes is too many

LETTERS: Two campaign planes is too many


Re: Individual efforts add up, Nov. 29 letters.

I agree, we all have to do our part and take care of beautiful planet Earth.

Concerning the list that letter-writer Mark Dalton made about political leaders “flying all over the country” during the recent federal election campaign, he forgot to mention the great protector of the environment and carbon-tax advocate, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who used two airplanes “flying all over the country.”

There was a large plane for himself, his entourage and journalists, and a smaller one for his equipment, such as a canoe.

It was good of him to take the time from flying all over the country with two planes to welcome Greta Thunberg, the youthful stern environmentalist.

Yes, do as I say, not as I do.

L. Wright, Surrey