LETTERS: Unlicensed B&Bs a burden on taxpayers

LETTERS: Unlicensed B&Bs a burden on taxpayers


I am disappointed with the number of unlicensed B&Bs in White Rock.

A quick search of Airbnb spaces shows blatant disregard for the bylaws in our city. Over 100 ads, mostly new monster homes, and luxurious spaces.

Why can’t they afford the $200 a year for a licence? They are committing fraud by not declaring the income, as well as costing Canadian taxpayers money.

They are costing White Rock money by necessitating a bylaw officer to waste time finding them when they have much more to look after.

Many do not actually live in the home and have “helpers advertised” while they have two or more homes on the go.

If you are witnessing this, you can call the city and just leave an address. Nothing else required.

I have a licensed humble suite in my home, which I bought in 1972. I had to do thousands of dollars of work to get that licence. I have no respect for those not paying their fair share.

For guests, be aware that a special rider must be on that insurance policy with limitations if you should be hurt while staying.

Get on board, it is wasting time and money for others.

Janice Miller, White Rock

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