LETTERS: Utility poles blocking widened lanes

LETTERS: Utility poles blocking widened lanes


A recent newspaper article reports that Telus Corp acquired ADT Canada for $700M.

Yet, Telus is unable to move its cables from old poles to the new poles along roads in Surrey and Langley.

The original poles stand in one lane of recently widened roads, making the right lane unusable by motorists and cyclists for many years. An example of this is on 24 Avenue in Surrey, between 160 and 165 Streets.

BC Hydro installed new poles along the sidewalk soon after 24 Avenue was widened last year, yet the Telus wires remain on the old poles in the right lane to this day.

When 24 Avenue was widened some years ago around 154 Street, it took Telus many years before they moved their cables.

At the time, the public was told that this work was not a priority for Telus, and appeals to them by the mayor of Surrey were ignored.

Widened roads cannot be used while the poles remain in the right-hand lane.

Peter Tilbury, South Surrey