LETTERS: Vary the viewpoints

LETTERS: Vary the viewpoints

Editor: Re: Offer more than one voice, Nov. 10 letters.


Re: Offer more than one voice, Nov. 10 letters.

I am not one for writing letters to the editor, though I’ve also long been aggravated by the one-sidedness of all of Tom Fletcher’s BC Views opinion columns.

In your Nov. 10 edition, letter-writer Holly Arntzen expresses, I believe, my opinion and that of many of your readers.

I always look forward to reading the PAN, but when I see Fletcher’s articles always attacking environmentalists, those fighting for the homeless, and those wanting a fairer tax system, plus other social justice issues, I don’t understand why you don’t, as some local newspapers have, an opposing article alongside his corporate/free-market views.

Something for you to consider.

Phil De Rosa, White Rock

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I couldn’t agree more with letter-writer Holly Arntzen.

While I enjoy the local issues the Peace Arch News highlights, I stopped reading Tom Fletcher’s BC Views columns well over a year ago. They presented one, tedious viewpoint only. His constant advocacy for the BC Liberal party, distorted criticisms of rival views and his relentless promotion of development and industry over concerns for the environment or the less well-off became unbearable.

Arntzen’s comments indicate he has not changed his tune over the last year. If you insist on using his column, I urge you to at least balance his conservative interpretations with a columnist capable of presenting alternate viewpoints.

Peter Battistoni, Surrey