LETTERS: Vitriolic view not welcome

Editor: Re: School officials join fact-free ‘climate strike,’ Sept. 25.


Re: School officials join fact-free ‘climate strike,’ Sept. 25.

Shame on you for publishing such a vitriolic piece by Tom Fletcher by Tom Fletcher. The generation leading this strike is so angry because our youth has been defined by the climate crisis. A crisis created by apathy and greed far before we were born, that will scar us all throughout our whole lives as we deal with an increasingly unstable climate.

I am disappointed in the Peace Arch News for being complicit by enabling anti-science views to have a platform in 2019. Tom Fletcher is not a credible voice, but a propagandist.

Stop spewing hate towards children trying to change their world. Our birthright was a terrifyingly broad problem threatening all life on earth that needs to be resolved within our lives. Of course we are starting to solve it while we are still in school. That is the urgency of the situation. School officials recognize this because students are actively pressuring them to do so (not the other way around, you might be interested to know), and those who are compassionate and educated have the mental maturity to plan for the future and support our actions today.

It is an exciting time because this movement is captivating our nation. Don’t be on the wrong side of history. Actively sabotaging the people trying to protect the shared heritage of humanity – the Earth – is evil. Stop trying to convince us to give up on this and be boundlessly greedy free-market capitalists. We don’t want to and we can’t: past generations already burned all the intergenerational breathing room we had.

Change is coming.

Elise Burgert, White Rock