The Rialto theatre has closed its doors. (Aaron Hinks photo)

LETTERS: Warm memories of time spent at the Rialto Theatre

Welcoming atmosphere and ‘best popcorn anywhere’ will be missed


I was surprised and sad to read that our much-loved Rialto Theatre has closed its doors forever.

The art-deco interior, the welcoming staff (and the best popcorn anywhere) drew me regularly.

(The theatre screened) movies that I looked forward to seeing.

The overall experience provided a happy afternoon or evening of entertainment as soon as I walked through Rialto’s front doors – a sentiment shared by many.

I would like to publicly thank the owner, Rahim Manji, for his efforts to keep the Rialto open, in spite of uncompromising phantom landowners and the murky details that brought about the end of an era.

“Progress” has its casualties.

Thanks for the memories, Rahim! I’ll be heading to the Caprice in future.

Susan Kinnie, Surrey

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