LETTERS: We need more than pay equity


Why not Women’s Day every day?


Why not Women’s Day every day?

On March 6 – two days before International Women’s Day – the Globe and Mail had a two-page spread on pay equity and the continuing gap between men and women’s pay for doing the same work. Three graphs compared relative pay by occupation, province, and country.

I suppose pay equity was chosen because it was something that is more or less measurable and equity itself is desirable. But why the focus on money?

Why aren’t there graphs that show the increase in the education of females around the world – and of the millions still denied access to an equalizing education?

Harder to get the facts I guess.

Can we measure the change in attitudes in cultures that favor male offspring to a female one or in males at home while the female becomes the “bread winner” and the CEO?

When will the human race recognize that women are actually superior to men in their powers of intuition and compassion, powers sorely needed today in governing bodies around the world?

And even more important, how long will it take us to see the human race as a bird with two wings – male AND female – and that the bird of humanity will never fly well unless and until both wings are equally developed?

Much more than pay equity is needed before we get our pilot’s license!

Merrill Muttart, White Rock