Letter writers take issue with development in the City of White Rock, suggesting city leaders no longer represent their wishes. (Tracy Holmes photo)

Letter writers take issue with development in the City of White Rock, suggesting city leaders no longer represent their wishes. (Tracy Holmes photo)

LETTERS: We take a back seat to developers

Editor: Re: Moratorium on highrises called ‘illegal,’ May 30.


Re: Moratorium on highrises called ‘illegal,’ May 30.

Regarding White Rock Coun. David Chesney’s proposed motion to have a moratorium on all new highrise developments until after the October election, even though it was deemed illegal, we all know where he was coming from.

We have had 14 highrise developments being approved in “the city by the sea” in the past 3½ years, with only three of them actually within the official community plan (OCP). It is quite clear the direction council has taken concerning highrise developments is definitely not in compliance with the OCP, nor is it representative of the vision that most residents of White Rock had of this city when they moved here.

There are hundreds of “cities by the sea”in North America, Europe, Australia, etc. that have been able to maintain their peaceful, sustainable and livable suburban ambiance by significantly limiting the types of development that are allowed – without consistently going against their OCP, which I’m sure would be considered reprehensible.

Who is holding our council to task in this regard? Why are they allowing developers – and not the people of White Rock – to determine the way the way the future development of this city will unfold?

A referendum should be on the ballot in October on whether council should be allowed to approve developments that do not comply with the OCP.

Michael Weiner, White Rock

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After reading reporter Alex Browne’s piece regarding Coun. David Chesney’s withdrawal of his moratorium motion, I realize why we have as much construction as we do.

Chesney and other council members are responsible for it. They cave in when told to do so or when they get called on a decision that is not in line with city hall policy. Sad, Dave, really sad!

Council has lost sight of – or never had it – the fact that White Rock belongs to us. Council is elected by us and is there to do our bidding. They are there to shape White Rock as we see our city.

I, for one, am fed up with voters electing their friends and neighbours who have no experience, no qualifications and no demonstrable track record to point to to show relevant expertise.

If I were going to be involved in local government, my first plank in the platform would be a construction moratorium until the shareholders – taxpayers – have had their say. Second plank would be to advise city staff of the new direction we would be taking and to “drain the swamp,” if necessary, and leave White Rock a better place than when I started.

Look at the potential we have. We are a “city by the sea” and don’t seem to be able to find folks who can capitalize on that. That is really sad – 20,000 folks and no apparent vision.

The bigger question here should be, how does this construction benefit me and you? As residents and taxpayers and, yes, as shareholders with a dog in this fight, how does turning White Rock into Vancouver’s West End or Yale Town benefit us?

It may already be too late, but if we keep electing council members who, once elected, become city hall lackeys, the result will be inevitable.

Barry Gaudin, White Rock

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After watching the response by our mayor and city manager to White Rock Coun. David Chesney’s proposal to have a moratorium on further highrise projects until after this fall’s election, it was apparent these two collaborated in an attempt to make Chesney look foolish.

Well, sirs, it was you who not only looked foolish but pompous – ultra vires, really? – and devious. I can’t wait to see the backside of you both.

Charles Fast, White Rock