LETTERS: Where does the buck stop?

LETTERS: Where does the buck stop?


It’s hard to imagine any passenger willingly flying on a 737 Max jetliner, regardless of any future safety assurances Boeing corporate headquarters may publish. So much for cost-effectiveness.

Even better, recently-ousted CEO Dennis Muilenburg will receive $62.2 million from Boeing, while 346 ticket-buyers received a most horrific death.

I know I’d have trouble being at the mountainous-money end of that morbidly lopsided equation.

When I, as a potential past and future flier, read about such seriously questionable big business negligence cases— especially those of equal or worse offenders, notably the makers of the relatively new candy flavoured vaping concoctions resulting in life-threatening ailments, and big pharma’s opiate-addiction-crisis – I picture, albeit a bit cynically, corporate CEOs figuratively shrugging their shoulders and defensively saying that their job is to protect shareholders’ bottom-line interests.

Meanwhile, the shareholders, also shrug their shoulders and defensively state that they just collect the dividends, and that the CEOs are the ones to make the moral and ethical decisions.

Frank Sterle Jr., White Rock

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