LETTERS: White Rock council must honour its commitments on housing issue


It has been three and a half years since our White Rock municipal election.

The city’s proposal presented to council at the April 25 meeting, “Housing Strategy Action Plan,” gave me pause and took me back to where the city was three and a half years ago.

Back to the pro-highrise mayor and his coalition. To my relief, council at this time rejected most of the city’s proposal.

In the proposal, the city wants to override our approved OCP and increase building heights and density throughout the city with no public hearings.

White Rock has already exceeded the Regional Growth Parcel up to 2040. The city staff appears to want to run our city and not our elected council.

I appeal to our current council whose mandate was to reduce building heights, preserve single-family neighbourhoods, and listen to the voters, to honour their commitments to their constituents.

Vickie Darts, White Rock

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Housing Strategy Action Plan report from staff – which council voted not to receive on April 25 – summarized recommendations of the community-based Housing Advisory Committee, which are still under study by council.

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