LETTERS: White Rock lots too small to raise hens


Re: White Rock tackles backyard hen proposal, Feb. 18

Is raising of backyard hens a good fit for White Rock?

I don’t think so. Do we have any lots remaining to be suitable to more than 7,200 square-foot lots as per City of Surrey bylaw? I mention Surrey as a reference, which seems more than reasonable for the city of White Rock

Every lot close to 8,000 square feet has been subdivided into two lots in my neighbourhood in the last five years.

Why bother to spend tax dollars to study this proposal in depth when there is no land base and the future of this small city by the sea is only viable as attraction for tourists? There are lot of serious issues in the city to focus on in the pandemic.

Furthermore, most of the residents are not interested in backyard gardening or even grass cutting in my neighbourhood.

I was raised on a farm where hens, dogs and other animals were in harmony. The rooster’s morning crowing sound was an alarm.

I would hate to live in a neighbourhood where crowing sounds become a nuisance. Coop smell and clutter are intolerable.

Nirmal S.Takhar, White Rock

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