LETTERS: White Rock promenade too narrow to be safe for jogging during pandemic


We frequently take advantage of the beautiful walk along White Rock’s iconic promenade.

It warms our hearts that on most days the crowds along this walkway are plentiful, to say the least.

These days, when we are cautioned to stay at home where possible, it is good news the our health board encourages us to get outside for walks to stay healthy.

I must also say we were disappointed in White Rock’s decision to, once again, allow dogs to accompany their owners on this historic stroll.

I must also admit that almost all dog owners are adhering to the rules and I, personally, have not seen any problems, so the more to enjoy the outside atmosphere, the better.

I know that due to COVID-19, we have been bombarded with new rules all over the place, but I would like to suggest another one to help protect us all while walking along the promenade.

I think that runners and joggers should not be practising their craft along this walkway. It is far too narrow and, as we have been told by many health officials, when running, the COVID virus droplets can carry much farther than two metres.

Just walking, it is almost impossible to keep two metres apart along the walkway. So when you see people coming from the other direction, try to go single file, so we can try to keep a distance and keep us all safe, which is the main goal.

Gord Samuel, South Surrey

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