LETTERS: White Rock residents opposed to highrise development should make themselves heard


Coming up is a very important date for White Rock residents. April 19 is the date when we need to give feedback to our mayor and council on the height of the buildings that we wish to see in the town centre. Many of you had previously attended a workshop on the town centre where you expressed the wish not to have any highrises over 12 storeys.

Residents should have received a flyer regarding a change in zoning in the town centre which includes a 18 storey, a 23 storey and a 29 storey highrise. Is this what you wish?

All the highrises you see being built in the last couple of years were approved by the previous coalition council. The mayor and four councillors all ran under the banner of Democracy Direct after signing on to the election platform, which included ‘no more highrises.’

You would expect that the mayor and these members of council would vote these changes down, but I understand that they are not all willing to do this. Therefore, your feedback is critical if you are fed up with all these highrises and the increased densification.

The flyer instructions looked complicated and most people are too busy to wait in line virtually at the zoom hearing on April 19.

The easiest way to give your feedback is to e-mail: clerksoffice@whiterockcity.ca with the subject line: Bylaw 2376 (CR-1 Town Centre Revisions). Include your first and last name and address and say that you oppose this zoning amendment.

Or, you can phone 604-541-2127 to say you are opposed to the zoning amendment 2376 and give your first and last name, plus address. All these details must be given for your input to be valid.

Hopefully we can vote this down. There will not be another chance to stop highrises over 12 storeys.

Patricia Kealy, White Rock

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