LETTERS: White Rock’s charming village atmosphere being lost


I am discouraged to see the things that brought so many of us to White Rock/South Surrey are disappearing so rapidly. The charm, the beauty, the small town love of nature are being pushed aside in favour of higher buildings, loss of wildlife and more traffic.

As I was walking on North Bluff and noticed the Geese Crossing signs I smiled and thought, “How lovely.”

I so appreciate how we all come to a halt to allow the goose families to cross the road.

I believe most of us smile and it may help many of us reflect on what is really important. The example given, in your article, of the car speeding around to hurry down the road would have also happened if everyone was stopped for children crossing.

Maybe the culprit is that driver and not the geese. We are turning a charming little village atmosphere into Burnaby and I, for one, and saddened by the loss of respect and appreciation for the creatures with whom we share our world. Calling them a nuisance makes me wonder who the real nuisance is.

Jane Mantle, White Rock

Letter to the Editor