LETTERS: White Rock’s private waste collection system is working well

City’s decision to take over commercial, multi-family collection ‘alarms’ resident


Re: City to resume mult-family, commercial waste collection, Oct. 14

I was alarmed when I read that the City of White Rock is planning to take back management of garbage collection, whether commercial or multi family.

With all due respect to the present council, when the previouscouncil decided to stop collectingm we were all turned upside down and inside out as well as losing our trust in the city.

We spent hours and weeks working on the situation, we got to know other stratas, we shared ideas and solutions, and in the end we settled with various waste management companies who are doing a splendid job.

We trust them and we communicate with them. They are very reliable. We like doing business with them and would miss them.

Now that White Rock has grown out of its boots so to speak, it is no mean feat for the waste to be collected in an efficient manner, and right now it is working very well.

Valerie Mair, White Rock

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