LETTERS: With COVID response, ‘too little, too late is not a good plan’

Editor: Wearing a mask when necessary is not a hardship


COVID-19 is now becoming more prevalent in our area in care homes.

There is one area, however, that has been overlooked since Day 1. Schools may be socially distancing in the classrooms, but as soon as the bell rings at Peace Arch Elementary and, I’m sure, other schools, hundreds of students have been flooding into the schoolyard, shouting in each other’s faces, with lots of physical contact.

This happens before and after school. Large groups also use the school grounds without masks or social distancing after school and on weekends.

Haven’t we learned anything from the U.S. and the rest of the world?

Too little, too late is not a good plan. Mask mandates in indoor spaces, group limitations and better-managed schools and other openings would have us in a much safer place today.

Wearing a mask when necessary is not a hardship.

When will we wake up and use a little self-discipline in order to save lives and our economy?

J. Gilbert, White Rock

Editor’s note: this letter was received prior to the Nov. 19 announcement of a mask mandate for all indoor public spaces in B.C.

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