Letter writers say they appreciate Adrian Bilodeau’s efforts

Letter writers say they appreciate Adrian Bilodeau’s efforts

LETTERS: Worthy investment for our future


Re: Borrowed time for garden, Dec. 16.


Re: Borrowed time for garden, Dec. 16.

Thank you to Peace Arch News for the article on the little piece of greenery dubbed the Gratitude Garden by Adrian Bilodeau, who has done a wonderful job of adding so much to that piece of ground.

It is such a pleasure to walk by this property near 156 Street and King George Boulevard, a breath of fresh air in total contrast to the ongoing construction in this area.

And now Surrey – long called the City of Parks – now wants to entertain an inquiry by a potential buyer for that lovely little garden? Has anyone from city hall ever looked at that property, other than on a map?

We have enough ‘potential buyers’ doing their best to cover every piece of greenery with buildings, and some are not that pretty. What happened to allowing green space?

Soon, the only lot without a building on it will be the Walmart parking lot.

I think we deserve a little park in this area, too.

N. Park, Surrey

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An open letter to Surrey council and planners.

Please make this green space, dubbed Gratitude Garden, an official park.

It is a small piece of land and, in my view, the city is in need of more parks. With all the building going on in South Surrey, where are the green spaces deemed necessary for a healthy and vibrant community?

I understand the struggle in balancing taxes and providing services. You understand the need for a community that is strong and healthy, I am sure.

It is not finances that dictate a satisfying and lasting community as much as it is foresight and wisdom. Parks are a big part of that balance. As are wildlife, trees and clean air… all provided for by a few low-maintenance parks here and there.

Perhaps this land could become a community green space! That requires just a little management from the city to keep standards and volunteers active.

Do you realize there is a well-run food bank organization almost directly across the street and many able-bodied seniors live in the immediate vicinity? Sounds like an opportunity to me.

I am so thankful for the parcels of land dedicated to wild areas – Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest on 24 Avenue, Bear Creek Park, Redwood Park, etc. – and foresee the need for more, as housing and commercial development continue to grow.

This little parcel of land can give so much benefit for such little cost. And how much money will the city really get for it? Likely not much in taxes, either.

What is your quotient of long-term wisdom these days?

Jennifer Tett, Surrey