LETTERS: Writer seems to have U.S., Canadian documents mixed up

Protection of “liberty” from mask orders is not the function of our government


Re: Two views on value of masks, letters, Aug. 27

Perhaps Pat Humphries of South Surrey skipped geography and political science courses in school or just wandered across the border. While the U.S. Declaration of Independence speaks to “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” the Canadian Constitution speaks to “Peace, order and good government.”

So, indeed, the protection of “liberty” from mask orders is not the function of our government. And, yes, the protection of your health is a good-government function, like requiring seat belts, smoking restrictions, mask wearing, all in aid of the common good and a lowered health cost.

And good government also requires you to keep your pants on in public unless, of course, you are at the nudist beach.

Beryl Kirk, Surrey

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