LETTERSJ: Be respectful of Indigenous rights

LETTERSJ: Be respectful of Indigenous rights


Open letter to Premier John Horgan:

I am writing to express my dismay at the way the Wet’suwet’en were treated by the RCMP at the government’s behest. The protest site is unceded land and I argue that their removal was illegal.

Much has been said about reconciliation, talk is cheap. The action of my government speaks louder than the now-empty words of reconciliation.

The treatment of Indigenous peoples over the past decades is nothing short of cultural genocide. They have suffered greatly under this and past governments. Indigenous people must be treated with respect.

It is incumbent on government to accept Indigenous people’s decisions on any development proposals on their land.

I am in complete support of Indigenous people’s actions to protect their land, their water and their culture.

I urge you to be respectful of Indigenous rights.

Phil Harrison, Surrey

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