No message for future offenders


Re: Hit-and-run killer sentenced to two years, Oct. 25.


Re: Hit-and-run killer sentenced to two years, Oct. 25.

What an absolutely pathetic and totally inadequate sentence.

Two sets of concurrent sentences of two years – less a day, actually – means Kyle Brandon Danyliuk serves one amount of time each for multiple offences.

Also, there is no mention of him being held responsible for driving with no license; he’s never had one and therefore, no insurance either.

Assuming Justice Michael Hicks is right about Danyliuk having “learned his lesson already,” and therefore, does not need further deterrence, what does this laughable sentence do to deter some young punk from doing something equally heinous to another innocent person?

No wonder our court system is plugged, when the sentences they do hand down – after considerable resources are expended – do not dissuade anyone from breaking the law, and then it begins all over again.

As this ruling demonstrates, everyone seems to be just going through the motions, and we all pay the price. The people, including Marilyn Laursen’s family, asked for four years; Danyliuk is sentenced to 24 months less a day, exactly what his lawyer had sought.

The revolving door continues.

Also, what about holding the car’s owner responsible for aiding him by filing a false stolen-auto report and failing to turn him in to the police?

Haven’t we had enough?

Shirley Bond, the Attorney-General of B.C., must instruct the Crown to appeal this sentence.

Hans J. Larsen, Lantzville