Opt-out charge out of line


Re: BC Hydro fee ‘outrageous,’ Sept. 24.


Re: BC Hydro fee ‘outrageous,’ Sept. 24.

BC Hydro’s threats of outrageous fees for refusing a wireless smart meter do not stand up, especially in light of how other jurisdictions treat customers who keep analog meters for security or medical reasons.

In New Mexico, for example, you just send in your own meter readings once a month – no fees, no intimidation.

A payment of $20 will get an analog meter reinstalled in Tucson, then it’s $5 a month if you read your own meter, $10 if you don’t.

California’s opt-out fee is also $10 a month, or $5 for low income – and there is no fee in Los Angeles.

Nevada charges $8.82 a month, and Maine utilities would like to charge $12 monthly for keeping an analog meter, but there is a bill before the legislature to eliminate this or any opt-out fees. Smart-meter opt-out is also completely free in Ashland, Ore. and in Hawaii and Vermont.

People are speaking up and fees are being eliminated. More people are joining the B.C. smart meter class-action lawsuits. Why should anyone pay to refuse something harmful?

A. Churchill, Surrey

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If BC Hydro would have provided proper information in the first place, 99 per cent of the people would not have allowed BC Hydro to install the smart meters.

In my opinion, to charge people extra for keeping the same meters is criminal.

I am told California owes BC Hydro a billion dollars. Is BC Hydro making us pay California debt?

What kind of politicians do we elect that let their people be taken to the cleaners? If the commission approves this extra burden on BC Hydro customers, then we are really in trouble.

I wonder what other hell is there to come?

Mary Mikelson, Surrey