Fellow White Rock council members remember Mary-Wade Anderson

Fellow White Rock council members remember Mary-Wade Anderson

Parting is such sweet sorrow


Re: Remembering Mary-Wade, June 28.


Re: Remembering Mary-Wade, June 28.

Coun. Mary-Wade Anderson stopped my shopping cart in the grocery store. I wouldn’t dare just pass her by.

In her precise Queen’s English, she proclaimed I “must” bring a certain issue before council as a citizen question. There was no question of my following her command.

Upon becoming a councillor and being seated next to her, I heard “you must” on several occasions. My failure to obey these prompts would be followed by a piercing stare, as if a piece of broccoli was in my teeth, with Mary-Wade enunciating, “are you going to sit there or say something?” – as I attempted to move away her microphone.

That withering look of disgust and bewilderment usually pushed my hand into the air for, what I hoped, was a rational statement followed by Mary-Wade’s nod and smile, as she moved her microphone back into place.

I will miss it.

Coun. Larry Robinson, City of White Rock

• • •

Mary-Wade had a wonderful sense of humour. She was dry and witty and remained as sharp as a tack.

There were times during council meetings that Mary would lean towards me and say, “what on earth are they talking about?” She would add some funny comment under her breath when another councillor became just “too much.” I would cover my mouth or cough to hide my expression from the camera as to try not to laugh.

Mary did not suffer fools lightly. She was an intelligent, outspoken, hardworking councillor. To not miss a single council meeting in 12 years is impressive.

I learnt a lot from Mary-Wade. She would tell me, “You don’t get anywhere in politics by being part of the group; say what you need to say and don’t back down.”

I shall remember her words of wisdom forever.

Coun. Helen Fathers, City of White Rock

• • •

A very sad day.

We knew Mary for only a few years but what a pleasure she was. We became good friends and colleagues.

My wife, Kathleen, and I will really miss her.

Coun. Alan Campbell, City of White Rock

• • •

Jane and I have known Mary-Wade for about 27 years. We first met when she was a Realtor and past-president of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board. A few years later we happily found ourselves in the same Rotary Club.

Mary-Wade spent the last 12 years as a devoted city council member, a vocal advocate for the community she served. In addition to council, Mary-Wade had two other great passions: the Peace Arch Hospital and Community Health Foundation and watching Tiger Woods play golf.

Family was extremely important, and she couldn’t have been happier when she was reunited with her children.

One of Mary-Wade’s proudest achievements was to champion the completion of the fifth and sixth floors of Peace Arch Hospital. It seemed fitting that her final moments were spent in a lovely room on the sixth floor of that hospital, surrounded with an array of photos of her newly rediscovered family on the window ledge.

We will miss her greatly.

Mayor Wayne Baldwin, City of White Rock