Raccoon city looming


Raccoons and rats infest White Rock.

A few years ago, I saw a raccoon near the pier and was scared. Over the years they increased and are roaming the streets in packs of two or three.

A couple of years ago, one slept on my porch. When I called the bylaw officers, they came, looked and wouldn’t remove it. They said to call pest control. When I asked for the number, they said it’s in the office; they didn’t even have it.

By the time I called the next morning, the raccoon had gone.

This last year, I saw no less than seven raccoons, and this is just in my area.

The rats in East Beach climb up to the tables where people are having their dinner or into garbage bins.

I urge residents to call city hall and demand that the city does something to control this menace; have a plan with the pest control to come and pick up raccoons when sighted.

The mayor should know how dangerous they are. A couple of summers ago, her dog was attacked and she was bit in the leg (Raging-raccoon attack sidelines mayor, March 25, 2009).

I am afraid to go out at night. I ask everyone to demand this service, otherwise White Rock will not be a resort city, but a raccoon city.

Shukrieh R. Merlet, White Rock