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Re: Councillors tire of pay-parking retread, Dec. 27; Restaurateurs get banner reprieve, Dec. 29.


Re: Councillors tire of pay-parking retread, Dec. 27.

Regarding the White Rock Business Improvement Association’s concerns about Marine Drive parking for beach businesses, it is always a legitimate concern, both for cost and enforcement.

Frankly, it appears that when the weather is good, they haven’t got enough parking; and when the weather is bad, they haven’t got enough customers.

They are part of the limited number of commercial/industrial ratepayers in the city, and I think deserve a fair shake from the city.

I have heard complaints from consumers that they will not return to the beach for dinner/shopping, not because of poor quality or service, but because of aggressive treatment from parking officials.

I am not certain what the ultimate solution is, but I would recommend trying a sliding scale from high rates in high traffic times to low rates to free at low traffic times and annual passes for non-White Rock citizens for sale by the city for maybe $100.

The article confused me in that a councillor indicated council should not revisit the subject so that someone could go on TV for 10 or 15 minutes. I reread it several times until I finally reached the conclusion that she was referring to “15 minutes of fame.”

This is 2012 now and we are paying 2012 tax rates, so I would hope we could move into hearing 2012 lame clichés.

In any event, dealing with city business is council’s role and duty, and if it is too much bother, perhaps the councillor should consider moving on.

Bob Holden, White Rock

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Re: Restaurateurs get banner reprieve, Dec. 29.

I don’t have all the information re this article, however, upon reading it, my personal response was a feeling of sadness that it should ever be an issue in the first place.

If we are truly a “community,” here in our little city of White Rock, wouldn’t it, shouldn’t it, be in our interests to “lift up” our hard-working restaurants and shops along Marine Drive, rather than fussing over a little banner hanging on the railing outside of Charlie Don’t Surf?

Tsk, tsk.

Is this really an issue so evil and terrible as to be considered a “violation”? If so, might it not be a worthier idea to change some of the signage bylaws? Is it really blatant or do I possibly smell a hint of ego-pumping, power-pushing attitude on the part of the bylaw officer?

Would it not be more productive to assist the shop/restaurant owners down on our beach, rather than throw them additional curves?

The parking charges of the past have not, to my understanding, made their livelihoods any easier.

Could White Rock residents not band together and support White Rock businesses so we can all enjoy to live and play here together in a happy and supportive community?

Maybe look out to sea, to that indescribably beautiful view we have, rather than hunting down small infractions by those who are trying to make a decent, honest living.

Catherine Robertson, White Rock