Southridge students (from left) Allison

Southridge students (from left) Allison

Research benefits pets, owners


My students wrote the following letter to educate and inform others about puppy mills. They want to take action and ensure that the general public knows what is happening. They hope this letter will help others make an informed decision when purchasing puppies.

Lea Mollo, Southridge School teacher

• • •

We are from Southridge School and we are doing something called Exhibition. Exhibition is our International Baccalaureate project that we do at the end of Grade 4.

Our topic is puppy mills. We want you to know that puppy mills are abusing dogs. Puppy mills are putting three to five dogs in a small cramped cages and these dogs live in their own feces and urine.

We are sad that lots of dogs are being are abused and lots of dogs are dying. Puppies from mills often have no medical care, fresh food and/or water.

After the parents can’t get bred anymore, they are euthanized. Puppy mills force the puppies to be bred over six times a year, starting when they are four months old. They overbreed, inbreed and line-breed.

It make us sad when we found out how poorly puppy mills are treating theses dogs. Puppy mills sell their puppies online in classified ads, and in pet stores through brokers. Puppies get genetic defects, born to weak, suffering parents and are covered in fleas and parasites. They are more prone to hip dysplasia, deformed limbs, neurological damage, blindness, matting hair, poor teeth, eye and ear infections.

You should make sure you that the breeder you buy from is responsible; take a look at the puppies’ parents and look at the puppies’ health records. We suggest you go to the SPCA to get a puppy who needs a home.

I hope you can help us and make a difference for all the dogs that don’t have the right to have an equal and loving home.

Allison, Mikaela, Anna, Michaela, Areeba & Ms. Mollo, Southridge School