Road rules should apply


Re: Cities eye licensing wheelchair users, Aug. 27.


Re: Cities eye licensing wheelchair users, Aug. 27.

When one considers the number of motorized wheelchair and scooter users in this area, it would seem they are far more safety minded than any other driver types.

Trucks, cars and motorcycles all get along by following simple rules such as “slower traffic keep right” and by staying aware of nearby traffic. Why do pedestrians behave otherwise?

If four pedestrians are walking together, they walk four abreast and spread out with no concern for others whenever the sidewalk widens. When anyone wants to pass, it is difficult to get their attention without speaking in a loud voice or ringing a bell on a scooter or bike.

If it is other pedestrians passing, there is no problem. But if it is a scooter, they seem to go into shock, as if they were about to be run over.

Statistically, they have little to worry about. There are those with a touch of egomania, who seem to believe the sidewalks are meant exclusively for pedestrians who should all be walking at their pace, whatever that may be.

Why not use the same consideration as drivers, and move out of the way for faster-moving people, whether they be on foot or using any legal vehicle?

As a scooter user, I would like to note I am not overly pleased when a pedestrian jumps in front of me when I am waiting for a “walk” light.

The specious attempt to license wheelchair or scooter users is only an effort to remove them. When those same complainers reach the stage where they need such transport, their attitude will change.

Richard Bradley, White Rock