The kindness of strangers

Two letter-writers recount how others in the community made a difference.


Last week, just as I got into my car parked at Home Depot, the vehicle facing me backed out, so I decided to drive forward and be on my way.

Whoops. I had completely forgotten the relatively low cement curb facing my car’s front wheels.

I drove my car up over the curb so that my left front tire was stuck in between it and its twin for the vehicle that had been facing me. The low nose of my car was sitting firmly on the further cement curb.

I cannot believe how many helpful, friendly people came over. Various suggestions were made from everyone – from the customers, to customer-support inside, to the teenaged loading boys. One couple even came over to tell me the husband had done exactly the same thing. One warm hug from this total stranger made be feel better.

I called my husband and he came prepared with cement blocks, etc.

However, one gentleman in particular was especially helpful. Not only did he offer suggestions, he went out of his way to find boards to facilitate the plan. He then “spotted” the car for my husband while he backed out.

The mission went perfectly.

As the helpful stranger walked away, I called out to ask him what his name is, other than “the Good Samaritan”. He is Bob – Bob Schlase, deputy fire chief of the White Rock Fire Department.

I’d like to extend my deepest thanks to Bob and to all the others who were so helpful and kind. What goes around comes around, so I hope many good things come to you all.

D. Curry, Surrey

• • •

Long story short, I injured myself at home and drove to Peace Arch Hospital emergency at 6 a.m.

The administration people were very efficient and professional.

The triage nurse oozed confidence, X-ray tech was very efficient, doctor had great bedside manner, and I was in and out in half an hour, cast on, resting comfortably.

Thanks to all at the Peace Arch. You’re fab!

Phil Halley, Surrey