The price of representation


Re: Councillors seek raise, March 14.


Re: Councillors seek raise, March 14.

I am not remotely astonished at the amount of work that goes into fulfilling the role of councillor.

It is a time-consuming job.

Having said that, White Rock is a small city of about 20,000, with six councillors and very little commercial/industrial tax base.

The residential tax bill is likely 30-40 per cent greater within the City of White Rock than just outside it in South Surrey.

The wages paid to the councillors probably are in no way high, relative to the effort expended earning them. That appears to be the price of living in the City of White Rock – high taxes for the residents, low wages for the council.

If the council was able to find a way to cut taxes, I would be inclined to raise their wages a commensurate amount.

Judging from the number of candidates in each election since I have been here, for the last 10 years, attracting good candidates does not appear to be a problem.

I would be surprised if many councillors did not realize the financial sacrifice they were taking on when they left the private sector to become a public servant.

Bob Holden, White Rock