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Re: PAN online poll, Feb. 2-8.


Re: PAN online poll, Feb. 2-8.

It seems Surrey-Fleetwood MLA Jagrup Brar’s month on welfare did not impress the majority of readers.

(Editor’s note: We asked, “Did Surrey MLA Jagrup Brar’s month on a welfare rate make you rethink your views?)

So I am contemplating taking a page out of Brar’s book.

I think I might try living for a month on an MLA’s salary.

Of course, I would choose a month when the legislature is not sitting, but as this is the majority of the year, I should be able to fit this into my life sometime this year.

This may impress your readers, more than the 31 per cent of the 107 who responded in the negative to the question of the week.

If I survive this month as an MLA, I would then try a month as an MP. Again, I would avoid the unnecessary travel to and from Ottawa by choosing a month when Parliament is not sitting.

Lastly, the greatest challenge I would set myself is one month living as a senator. This would involve a month on one or more of Mexico’s better beaches, and there could be danger in this. However, I would not be required to show my face in the Senate, no matter what time of the year I chose to do this.

Peter Tilbury, Surrey