Wishful thinking


Re: Coal not only burning issue, June 11 letters.

Open letter to Fraser Surrey Docks.

I am writing this letter to protest and decry the plans for greatly increased coal shipments from the Fraser Surrey Docks.

I have been doing a lot of reading about this issue and I am convinced that this proposal will have a very direct and negative effect on the environment of the Fraser River, the environment of the adjacent areas and all along the route of shipping from start to finish and the lives and health of the people who live in those areas.

It is not possible to fully protect our beautiful Fraser River and its inhabitants from harmful run-off and pollution caused by the increased shipment of coal on its banks.

I have carefully read the mitigation proposals from Fraser Surrey Docks, and I do not believe they can possibly be effective or sufficient. It is wishful thinking.

Additionally, it is a filthy stone-age fuel source, which has the potential to have a huge global-warming impact when burned.

It now needs to be stopped in its tracks – no pun intended.

From my discussion with your staff at the open house, I know you choose to ignore this bigger aspect of the issue. But as a Canadian, I disagree with your head-in-the-coal-and-the-money approach.

This huge project could have a terrible impact on our communities and our world.

I urge you to cancel and abandon this project.

We can do better.

Wendy Wulff, Surrey

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Re: Coal not only burning issue, June 11 letters.

Letter-writer Mike Hammersmith  wonders “if the uproar over coal trains” is more White Rock NIMBYism.

Who cares? He misses the point. Our backyard is the whole planet. What is burned in China doesn’t stay in China.

Some minds try to confuse the issue.  The point of this, in my humble opinion, is all about really low-grade thermal coal being shipped on trains over a mile long from Montana to good ol’ B.C.

Why? Because we’re stupid.

Letter-writer Alex Barrie thinks we’re lucky BNSF allows us to access our beaches. He should give his head a shake.

Maybe instead of the hammer and sickle we should just hoist the Star Spangled Banner.

Ian Sutor, Surrey