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White Rock Gymnastics athlete, 7, has sights set on Olympic competition

In her first 2 competitions, Sedona Sidhu won 9 gold medals, 1 bronze and 1 trophy
Sedona Sidhu, 7, on the podium with her older sister, Emma, at one of her first two gymnastic competitions with White Rock Gymnastics. Since she started competing in December, the tiny athlete – who has her sights set on the Olympics one day – has won 9 gold medals, 1 bronze and 1 trophy. (Contributed photo)

Sometimes, we all need a little persuasion.

When Sedona Sidhu, a seven-year-old gymnast from South Surrey’s Ocean Park, first tried gymnastics, she wasn’t quite convinced it was something she wanted to do.

Her mother first took her to a mom-and-daughter event to try it out when Sedona was five years old, but then she said she didn’t want to do it anymore – but her parents, Rheanna and Kevin, felt their daughter had so much potential and maybe, didn’t realize how much she enjoyed it.

“All she did was jump and do somersaults – that’s all she does now – just gymnastics all day, every day. I think yesterday she did it for seven hours,” Rheanna said.

“We got her back into gymnastics after a lot of convincing… then one of the competitive coaches at White Rock Gymnastics said “Can I get her to try out for the competitive team?”

Admitting she doesn’t know anything about gymnastics, Rheanna said she and Kevin have followed the lead of her coaches at the club, “who are amazing.”

Sedona, a Grade 2 student at White Rock Elementary, first started competing with White Rock Gymnastics in level 2 in December.

“She bypassed level 1,” Rheanna shared.

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“Her first competition was in December. She won five gold medals – you can only win five – she won in vault, bars, beam, floor and then they have an extra medal for all-around! She swept the floor, they told me.”

She also qualified for provincials, to be held this spring, at the same tournament, held at Flip City Gymnastics in Langley.

In her second competition, held in Coquitlam, Sedona won four gold medals, one bronze, and one trophy for being a ‘Valiant Vaulter.’

Sedona, whose favourite event is vault, said she enjoys her time at gymnastics, despite her initial protests.

“I thought I didn’t like it, but then I realized it was fun,” she said.

“I think it’s fun because you get to go upside down a lot. And win gold medals and trophies!”

Rheanna said both she and Kevin are very proud parents.

“We can’t stop watching her, she’s constantly learning new techniques and teaching herself new techniques,” Rheanna said, noting that in addition to Sedona practicing with White Rock Gymnastics for three hours, three times a week, they also have gymnastic mats, bar and a beam at home that Sedona constantly practices on as well.

Sedona, who admires American gymnast Simone Biles, is too young to remember a summer Olympics, but loves watching videos on YouTube and is excited for this year’s Olympics in Paris, France.

And she says it’s something she plans to do.

“I want to be an Olympian! I like to watch Simone Biles,” Sedona said.

“Because she’s so cool – because she’s a good vaulter and she’s a good beamer and she has muscles!”

Rheanna said her daughter is a tiny, muscular and very flexible athlete.

After an upcoming competition in March, then provincials, Sedona will be moving up in the competitive levels.

“Because she’s been doing so well in competitions, she’s going to compete in level 3 – they’re going to bump her up – and then level 4 in the summer time. She’s going through the levels pretty quickly,” said Rheanna.

“All she wants to do is gymnastics, and so as long as she still has the drive and the commitment and the determination to do it – and having fun doing it – we’ll support her 100 per cent,” she continued.

“She’s leading the way and she’s determined. If that’s what she wants, I know she can do it.”

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