White Rock teen and anti-bullying advocate Paige Glazier has had her app approved by Apple.

White Rock teen and anti-bullying advocate Paige Glazier has had her app approved by Apple.

Apple approves Team Orange

White Rock teen's anti-bullying campaign expands with technology

A White Rock teen’s anti-bullying message has evolved to include a ready-to-download app that can be purchased at the Apple store.

Paige Glazier’s Orange You Glad You’re Not A Bully campaign will now feature the Team Orange app, which has nine ‘slices’ – each slice providing guidance through difficult times, including a resources section with list of contacts, a personal journal section and videos featuring doctors and counsellors providing solutions to help cope.

“I’m excited to see the community’s reaction,” Glazier said Thursday. “I hope that it’s helpful.”

The free app, designed with help from her tech-savvy grandfather, Tom Waters, took a little time to be approved – but Glazier said she has already heard positive feedback from friends who have struggled with bullying, in the few days it’s been available.

“I have friends who have gone through what I went through, and I can’t personally help them all,” she said. “But they can download the app. I have been told that there are (also) many adults who find some of the orange slices very useful.”

Glazier’s aim is to have the younger kids participating in the campaign eventually graduate to Team Orange, where they will recognize the symbol they used in puzzles and games as also standing for help and support.

With the app now readily available, Glazier has also teamed up with an artist to help create her first book, which will feature key words used in her campaign.

“Sometimes the words are too mature for younger kids,” she said, noting that the book will help them recognize and understand which are ‘good’ words and which ones are negative. “I’ve got a lot on my plate, but I’ve got a lot of people helping me.”

For more information, visit www.teamorangestrong.com