Graffiti be-gone

The White Rock Business Improvement Association in partnership with Goodbye Graffiti is offering residents free graffiti removal next month, as a thank you for supporting local business.

The offer, announced Monday, is limited to White Rock residents who want exterior graffiti on residential property removed. A size limit may also apply.

BIA officials hope the initiative will also raise awareness of White Rock businesses and encourage residents to shop locally, or at least balance their spending between local and chain stores.

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of White Rock,” BIA executive director Sherri Wilson Morissette said in an email announcing the graffiti offer.

“For every dollar spent in locally owned stores the majority of it stays in the community in contrast to the dollar spent in a chain or box store.”

To take advantage of the graffiti-removal offer, email or call 604-536-4958.