Jamie Leggatt gets into gear cross-country skiing at Silver Star.

Jamie Leggatt gets into gear cross-country skiing at Silver Star.

On the road to better health

Peninsula Green Fighter makes progress in challenge

Hard work is paying off for the Peninsula’s Green Fighter, Jamie Leggatt.

Since kicking off the Kin’s Green Fighter Challenge March 1 – in which 13 Black Press readers around the Lower Mainland improve their health for a chance at a free cruise – Leggatt has lost around 10 pounds.

While she admitted it still takes a lot of work to ensure there are healthy meal and snack options close at hand, she said it is starting to become more of a routine around her household.

“One thing I’ve been doing to make it easier is making my lunch at the same time I make dinner,” Leggatt said. “So by the time I’m cleaning up dinner, I already have my lunch ready for the next day.”

In addition to eating healthier meals the past six weeks, Leggatt has been working out on her lunch break, and said she already feels stronger and more fit.

“I went for a mountain bike ride on the weekend and I really noticed on the hill climbing – I was much faster,” she said.

The road to better health hasn’t been without challenges, however.

Leggatt and her family recently went on a ski vacation to Silver Star, which made it tough to stick to a healthy eating regime.

“Fortunately, we had a suite with a kitchen, so I was able to cook most of our meals.”

On the positive side, the spring break holiday also introduced Leggatt to a new favourite hobby – cross-country skiing.

Easter also put Leggatt’s willpower to the test – while she tried to limit the amount of chocolate in the house over the long weekend, she said she did indulge a little bit, but jumped right back on the health wagon afterwards.

She should have no problem burning off any extra Easter calories, however; Leggatt is registered with several other Kin’s Green Fighters to take part in the Sun Run April 21.

She said she plans to walk and run the 10-km route and is looking forward to reuniting with the other challengers.

In addition to improving their health, Green Fighter participants are raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society. Leggatt has set her fundraising goal at $1,000 and has so far raised $529.

Anybody interested in helping out can donate online at www.cancerevents.kintera.org/jamieleggatt

To follow Leggatt’s progress, visit the Kins Farm Market Facebook page.