Paranormal investigators to host event on Oct. 30

Investigators will show off what they have uncovered.

Do you believe in ghosts?

A group of paranormal investigators will be on the Peninsula on Sunday to talk the unusual and raise funds for Alexandra Neighbourhood House community programs.

The Vancouver and Interior Paranormal Society will be leading the event. One of the society’s vice-presidents, Kelly Berge, will share her personal experiences with the paranormal.

“We have been lovingly collaborating with Camp Alexandra for a year now investigating and gathering evidence of the paranormal. We have gathered some interesting evidence,” Berge said by email.

“As well, we have some very unique personal experiences to share around the campfire with the public and staff alike.”

VIPS has been investigating the unusual since 1993.

In a typical investigation, the lead investigator would meet with the client to discuss “activity” and walk through the site to decide the best area for equipment.

The typical equipment ranges from voice recorders to infrared cameras.

After the initial investigation, the team searches through the collected video, pictures and audio files to find the “evidence.” Once the evidence is found, the lead investigator will send it to the client, usually by email. For events such as  Sunday’s, the team will present the evidence in a public forum.

The event runs from 4 to 7 p.m. at 2916 McBride Ave. in Crescent Beach.

Tickets ($15) must be prepaid. Calling 604-535-0015 or visit