Pacific Heights Elementary Grade 6 students Mati Arsoniadis

Pacific Heights Elementary Grade 6 students Mati Arsoniadis

South Surrey students set for water walk

Pacific Heights Elementary leadership team leads charitable endeavour Wednesday

A group of Grade 6/7 students at Pacific Heights Elementary will participate in a Water Walk this week in an effort to raise money and awareness of a lack of clean water for students in Kenya.

The group of about 30 students – part of the school’s leadership team – will lead their schoolmates in a walk from the school (17148 26 Ave.) to Grandview Corners on Wednesday afternoon.

Students will be carrying with them jugs of water, symbolizing the distance young Kenyans must walk to obtain clean, drinkable water.

The walk is part of a global campaign spearheaded by the Free The Children organization, which aims to build new wells in Kenya. So far, the leadership team has raised about $2,000, with the goal of raising $5,000 by the end of the school year – money which will fund a new well.

In addition to the Water Walk, students have held a number of fundraisers, such as car washes, throughout the school year.

Pacific Heights Grade 1 teacher Kristen van Akker – who oversees the leadership team – said the goal of the project was to get her students thinking of others, especially those less-fortunate.

It appears the project has, in fact, had that effect.

“I think it’s been good to learn,” said Grade 6 leadership student Mati Arsoniadis. “We just walk a few feet to a tap. They have to walk for two hours.”

Wednesday’s walk is scheduled for 12:45 p.m.