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Lego show set for Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair

‘Brick Corral’ to showcase Ford truck
Patrick Peters built this Lego replica of Cloverdale’s Fire Hall No. 8 as part of the Brick Corral at the 2023 Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair. This year Peters is back and plans to build a detailed version of a Ford truck. (Image via

The Brick Corral is back at this year’s Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair.

Rick Hugh, 1st vice-president of the Cloverdale Rodeo and Exhibition Association, said kids of all ages will enjoy the corral.

“We’ve got Robin Sather coming this year,” said Hugh. “He’s one of 23 ‘Lego certified professionals.’ He’s coming in and over the course of the four days, he’ll do what he calls a ‘big build.’ He’ll pick a theme that fits in with rodeo and he’ll build something related to that.”

Hugh said after Rodeo Weekend, Sather will do a quick deconstruction of his massive assembly of bricks.

“He builds it on a sliding tray and come sometime on Monday afternoon, he gives that tray a push,” explained Hugh. “Then the (build) will slide out and fall off the end and, Ka-Boom! You got a bazillion Lego pieces on the floor.”

The Lego display area will have many different Lego builds. Along with the displays, there’ll be some Lego schwag at the Brick Corral too.

“We’ll have free Lego takeaway kits for kids,” added Hugh. “We’ve got a limited number of them, so we’ll probably divide that up over the four days.”

Hugh said they have tractor builds and Canadian flag builds to giveaway.

Patrick Peters will be a part of the Brick Corral again. Last year, Peters constructed a replica of Cloverdale’s Fire Hall No. 8 (see image above). It was the main build at last year’s rodeo. This year, he’s building a truck.

“This year’s build is a Ford F350,” Hugh noted. “It’s in the shop up on a hoist getting work done to it.”

Once again this year Vancouver Lego Club and the Fraser Valley Lego User Group will be teaming up to build a big town and train area. There will also be a lot of custom builds on display.

The Brick Corral will be part of the Buckaroo Barn and will be located in the Cloverdale Rec. Centre.

Hugh added Vancouver FC will have representatives on hand in the Buckaroo Barn over the course of the weekend. He said some Abbotsford Canucks representatives will be on site too at various times over the four-day event.

In previous years, the Buckaroo Barn was called the “Kids Zone.”

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