MC/rapper Glymir of The Hipster Cartel in the new documentary movie “Vancity Raps.”

MC/rapper Glymir of The Hipster Cartel in the new documentary movie “Vancity Raps.”


TRAILER: ‘Vancity Raps’ doc movie sheds light on hip-hop scene in Vancouver, Surrey

‘We officially finished the film last month,’ director Pale Christian Thomas says

A new documentary movie sheds light on “the diverse scene” of artists on the Vancouver hip-hop scene, including some based in Surrey.

Actor/director Pale Christian Thomas moved behind the camera to create the 90-minute “Vancity Raps,” his debut documentary, which weaves an exploration of Vancouver-area hip-hop music with a fantasy story about visiting aliens.

The movie’s 90-second trailer has been viewed more than 100,000 times on YouTube in just a few weeks, generating some buzz.

It’s “a globally unique, architecturally sound” documentary, boasts a post on the website, on the Adler & Associates Entertainment channel. “Its fresh nuance and subplots, woven through its strategic documentary style narrative, make this film a must-see for all music fans. Featuring legends such as Moka Only and up-and-coming hip-hop superstars.”

Surrey-based artists Phat Dawg (aka Shaun Obaid) and J-Geezy (aka Kweku), along with Delta’s Daniel Joseph (aka Dangerous), are among those featured in Phantom Media’s semi-fictional, slightly spaced-out movie.

“It’s not available anywhere yet,” Thomas noted. “We just signed a deal in L.A. with a sales agent last month. This will be released on Netflix, TV, V.O.D airlines, etc., in the next year or so. We officially finished the film last month, and we are on a press tour right now to raise awareness.”

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