Tracie-Lynn Sardinah and VRS resident.

Tracie-Lynn Sardinah and VRS resident.

A respite rescue at VRS Communities

By Tracie-Lynn Sardinah, respite resident at Orchard Gardens, a sister location of Pacific Carlton Seniors Community and Sunnyside Manor Seniors Community (South Surrey)

My name is Tracie. I am 52. A couple of months ago, in the midst of moving apartments, I suffered a serious car accident, which left me wheelchair bound and unable to navigate the stairs at my new home.

After spending an excruciating month in hospital, I moved into respite at a VRS Seniors Community. Although I have nothing but gratitude for the incredible medical team I left behind in the hospital, I was ready to trade my hospital bed for a more home-like environment.

The VRS Community’s beautiful respite suite was an answered prayer. Still, I was a bit apprehensive about my new neighbours. Even though I was comparatively younger, the residents made me feel so welcomed. The people at Orchard Gardens understand the undeniable benefits of inter-generational friendships. My inclusion in a community with an older demographic left me with so many positive experiences and memories.

It didn’t take a long stay at VRS Communities for me to realize that age truly is just a number. With each day spent in the company of my newfound friends and neighbours, whether we were young or old no longer mattered.

I should also mention that the staff at VRS are a diverse group of ages. They made me feel supported, included and seen. Social isolation and loneliness can be one of biggest contributors in the decline of seniors and I’ve been able to see first-hand how living in a supportive community helps people stay connected. My experience at VRS was enhanced by the wonderful connections I made and my involvement in recreational activities that improved my well-being during a difficult time.

After more than two months of respite living at my VRS Community, I am recovered and saying farewell to my new family and friends. I am thankful to the residents and staff for so much more than the health care and support I received during my recovery. I am thankful for the friendships, the life-lessons, and a home filled with beautiful memories.

I look forward to returning (albeit in a few years).


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