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Are you seeing yellow pearls in the mirror?

South Surrey dental office has the solution for getting them pearly white!
Dr. Shweta Bansal and her professional staff will give you a brighter smile in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.

Are you hiding your teeth behind a mask, or perhaps just too self-conscious to smile?

If your teeth are naturally yellow or darkened from drinking coffee or tea, smoking, or the simple process of aging, there is a way to get that sparkle back.

At South Surrey’s Simply White Dental, cosmetic teeth whitening can make your teeth two to six shades whiter – you won’t stop smiling and building new relationships!


When it comes to teeth whitening you have two options – in-office or at-home treatments. Both options use peroxide-based bleaching agents.

The difference? At-home whitening is a two- to three-week process (depending on the individual) that can be done in custom-made trays (made in-clinic) that fit your teeth. An in-office treatment at Simply White Dental is a faster, more comfortable and relaxing one-hour treatment that will go by quickly as you watch your favourite movie on a ceiling TV.

“It’s important to have the procedure done under the care of a knowledgable professional who can help you have a wonderful experience,” says Simply White’s Dr. Shweta Bansal. “We’ve had a few people come to us who used home kits incorrectly, and had burns and even temporarily bleached gums.”

Are you a good candidate?

It is essential to consult with a dentist before you embark on this flight to a brighter smile.

“Before any whitening procedure you must be sure your teeth and gums are ready,” Dr. Bansal says. “Otherwise it could cause more harm than benefit. We must make sure you have no cavities and no active gum disease.

“It should also be known that bleaching will not whiten porcelain crowns or composite tooth-coloured bondings.”

Is it safe? Any limitations?

Tooth sensitivity and irritation to soft tissue can occur, but these effects are usually transient. Teeth whitening is a first step in the treatment of grey or purple teeth from tetracycline and fluorosis.

When is a good time?

Whenever you’re ready to have whiter, fresher looking teeth, and a more youthful appearance!

“We have people come to us before job interviews, weddings, family events, vacations, or just as a thoughtful gift,” Dr. Bansal says.

Teeth whitening treatments at Simply White Dental will give you the confidence to show your sparkle!
Teeth whitening treatments at Simply White Dental will give you the confidence to show your sparkle!

What about cost?

Teeth whitening is not usually covered by insurance. However, unlike braces or other cosmetic procedures, it has a small cost with great confidence-boosting results.

Right now Simply White Dental is offering a $50 off teeth whitening promotion – now’s your chance to grab it!

Find out more on their website, call them at 778-200-1007, or book an appointment online.

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