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Beat the heat, save money and stay green!

Surrey HVAC business offers residents a cost-efficient option that can also lower emissions
A ductless mini split heat pump system from Greenway Mechanical can save money and the environment.

Along with climate change comes worsening heatwaves, even in typically cooler places like the Pacific Northwest. 

Warming temperatures bring increased demand for air conditioning units, and this translates into one of the major causes of growth in global electricity-demand, which only adds to the stress on the climate.

At Greenway Mechanical, they understand the concern about how to stay cool this summer while still being conscious of emissions, efficiency and even the rising cost of utilities. That’s why they want to share with Surrey residents their heat pump system service.

A heat pump can be a better option than an air conditioner paired with conventional furnace combo or baseboard heating for several reasons. A heat pump performs both heating and cooling functions in one system, and are ultra-efficient, which can save on energy bills.

“If you’re thinking of buying an air conditioner to deal with the heat this summer, going with a heat pump system can be a more logical option because it both heats and cools your home,” says Yash Malekpour, Owner/General Manager at Greenway.

A heat pump works by scooping heat from inside your home and pumping it back outdoors. The system includes both an indoor and outdoor unit and a compressor that moves refrigerant through the system. It can reverse its flow of refrigerant and switch from heating the building to cooling it.

Rebates and incentives boost affordability

The grant and rebate incentives offer even more reasons to have a heat pump installed. Offered by both the British Columbia and federal governments, rebates can add up to a combined $11,000 in savings!

Home owners can also choose from several different types of heat pump systems, depending on whether they live in a house, condo or town home.

“If you live in a town home or condo you can have a mini split ductless system installed, meaning you can have a unit installed in each room,” Laredo says.

At Greenway Mechanical – Vancouver and the Lower Mainland’s one-stop shop for all your HVAC needs – they want to help make it possible for home owners and businesses to have an option to reduce their energy costs with clean, energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions.

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