Scotia Wealth Management Senior Wealth Advisor, Dave Lee, offers Total Wealth Planning to clients in White Rock.

Scotia Wealth Management Senior Wealth Advisor, Dave Lee, offers Total Wealth Planning to clients in White Rock.

Life… and after life: A Total Wealth Plan includes both

Work with a specialist to incorporate an estate plan into your wealth strategy

What happens to your possessions and your savings after you’re gone?

When you sit down with Scotia Wealth Management Senior Wealth Advisor Dave Lee to discuss your Total Wealth Plan, you’ll mostly focus on your life goals, and wealth strategies to get you there. But your wealth plan shouldn’t stop on the day you die, and that’s why Dave works closely with a wide variety of highly qualified professionals — including Monique Trepanier, an Estate and Trust Consultant with Scotiatrust.

“Monique provides an amazing service backed by Scotiatrust, one of the largest trust companies in Canada, and she works closely with me to review my clients’ estate plans,” Dave says. “Sometimes, a client already has excellent documents in place, so she’ll offer a second set of eyes. For clients whose affairs are more complicated, her experience and expertise as an estate planning lawyer are invaluable.”

When a Trust Company makes sense

  • When you need an Executor and Power of Attorney: “Not everyone has a person close to them who’s capable of handling their estate,” Dave says. Even if you have a great relationship with your children, if they live in another province or country, completing local tasks can be challenging and there can be regulatory or tax-related impediments to having non-residents act.
  • When your estate is complicated: The specialists at Scotiatrust administer and manage estates and trusts of varying complexity and value in a timely manner, and are sensitive to the needs and concerns of family members and other beneficiaries. “A lot of people underestimate what’s involved in administering an estate or acting as a trustee. Even an estate that’s fairly straightforward may take well over a year to complete and typically includes over 100 different tasks.If your Executor already has a busy work and family life, administering an estate or trust can be a lot to ask,” Monique says.
  • When you’d like help with day-to-day money management: If you or a loved one is finding it harder to stay on top of daily bookkeeping, bill payments, and other administrative tasks, Scotiatrust offers Personal Office Services. Hand over the daily tasks without giving up decision-making control.
  • When you want philanthropic guidance: “Scotiatrust’s philanthropic advisory group provides administrative support to Aqueduct Foundation,one of Canada’s largest bank-affiliated charitable foundations. Scotiatrust can offer guidance to clients looking to explore charitable options, and suggest creative and tax-efficient ways to direct their charitable gifts,” Monique says.
  • When emotions are high: “Don’t forget, when you’re executing a loved one’s Will, you’re likely also grieving,” Dave says. “Sometimes complicated family situations become even more strained, and it makes sense to enlist Scotiatrust to help navigate those situations.”
  • When you don’t want to burden your loved-ones: “There are significant duties and risks to being an Executor and Trustee. How do you best care for the people you love? A trust company ensures that the desires expressed in your Will or trust are carried out with sensitivity, professionalism and objectivity, so your loved ones can focus on other things,” Monique says.

When you name Scotiatrust in your estate plan, you’re establishing a relationship that will likely benefit you for decades. Not only do you organize your final plans, you can also reach out for guidance and advice on all of life’s challenges along the way.

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