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Love Your Ears: Tune in to your favourite sounds again

Empowering White Rock seniors with personalized hearing solutions
Our ability to enjoy our favourite moments is tied to our ability to hear – why it’s so important, no matter your age, to Love Your Ears.

Think of all your favourite sounds in life – sweet stories from your grandchildren; the wood bat crushing the baseball at the ballpark; the rain on the greenhouse glass when you’re working at the potting bench.

Our ability to enjoy these magic moments is inherently tied to our ability to hear – why it’s so important, no matter your age, to Love Your Ears.

Just like our favourite sounds, the experience of hearing loss is unique to each of us. No two people will hear exactly the same way, which means that hearing solutions must also be tailored to our individual needs.

With nearly half of Canadians older than age 60 living with hearing loss, the good news is that with a holistic approach to hearing health, one that incorporates both personalized care and innovative technology, those sounds we love so much will continue to resonate, fostering a life filled with communication and confidence.

“Hearing is central to our social life, self-expression, confidence and ultimately, our health,” notes Katie Koebel, Audiologist and Senior Manager, Audiology, at HearingLife Canada, which provides personalized, comprehensive hearing care. “It connects us with our community, with the people we love and the experiences that bring joy.”

Consider that when YouGov Analysis Institute asked 24,000 people about their ears and hearing, hearing aid wearers were three times more likely to be happier than those without hearing aids. Forty per cent reported better conversations, one-third felt more connected to their family and one in four reported better relationships.

So, what can you do?

First, it’s important to be informed about your hearing health – be aware of hearing changes and get your hearing tested annually after age 60.

Today’s advanced hearing aids are typically small and discreet, and when paired with comprehensive hearing care, can help restore meaningful connections.

If it’s determined that hearing aids can help improve your hearing, work with your hearing health professional to find the right option for your unique needs.

“When paired with comprehensive hearing care, today’s advanced hearing aids are typically small and discreet, while being able to improve auditory experiences and restore meaningful connections,” Katie says.

Innovative technology also means they’re easily adaptable to different settings – from a quiet greenhouse to that crowded baseball game.

After your fitting, it’s important to continue working with your hearing professional to get the most from your hearing aids – fine-tuning them to your evolving needs. Regular “check-ups” will also monitor for changes in your hearing health and identify when adjustments may be required.

Don’t let hearing loss limit your life’s potential. Visit HearingLife in White Rock at 1479 Johnston Rd. or call 1-888-446-4894.

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