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Money-saving solutions to equip your business for success

Tailored financing solutions for your small or medium-sized business

When you run your own business it goes without saying that you have to keep things going no matter what.

Whether you’re in dining and hospitality or the construction industry, you need the right equipment to get the job done! After all, being sidelined or having to turn away work because you need to replace or add to your equipment can cost you time, clients and, yes, money.

Grow with cash flow

As you grow your business, keeping your cash flow going is vital; so is keeping your hard-earned money available to reinvest in the business.

When Leslie Miller was in need of a new bulldozer for his construction company and began shopping around for financing options, he found that interest rates and documentation fees could vary significantly between lenders.

Shopping around definitely paid off.

Reliance Financial Services was able to beat another approval I had with a competitor and saved me $9,000 over 36 months in borrowing costs on my Caterpillar Dozer D6R! I would highly recommend them,” Miller says. Beyond the no-cost documentation fee, he found the South Surrey financial services company secured much lower rates than those offered elsewhere.

“We help our clients keep more money in their pocket, which means more money available to grow their business – help they won’t always find from big banks, ” says Reliance Financial Services’ Jason Grewal.

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Tailored solutions for your small or medium-sized business

No matter what your small or medium-sized business is, Reliance Financial Services provides solutions tailored to your specific needs, employing traditional and alternative finance options to help your business thrive. By looking at your future prospects and not just the current situation, Reliance Financial Services can help you navigate the ups and downs of business life successfully.

Make sure you have the big-ticket items you need to succeed and the ready cash in your business account to deal with the unexpected! Call Jason Grewal at Reliance Financial Services at 1-884-967-2388 or email Find them on Facebook.