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New technology changing the hearing game in White Rock

A new era in hearing aid technology
The hearing aids adapt to real-time and to user needs directly. Photo courtesy of HearingLife.

In the ever-evolving world of medical technology, HearingLife Canada is pioneering a significant breakthrough with the introduction of Oticon Intent™, hearing aids equipped with user-intent 4D sensors*. This device is part of a broader range of innovative products designed to improve the quality of life for those with hearing impairments through enhanced interaction with their environments.

Oticon Intent™ technology

Oticon Intent™ is a sophisticated device designed to adapt to the wearer’s lifestyle seamlessly.

“The technology behind Oticon Intent™ is a game changer, featuring 4D sensors that not only detect sound but understand the wearer’s intentions by monitoring head movements, environmental interactions, and conversational dynamics,” explains Katie Koebel, Audiologist and Senior Manager of Audiology at HearingLife.

A single charge provides up to 20 hours of clear hearing. Photo courtesy of HearingLife.

The innovation lies in its ability to discern which sounds the wearer wants to focus on and which to keep in the background. This user-intent recognition allows for a customized hearing experience that significantly reduces the cognitive load often experienced in noisy environments.

Some of the standout features of Oticon Intent™ include:

  • Personalized hearing experience: Adapts in real-time to user needs.
  • Improved sound clarity: Ensures conversation is easier to hear, even in background noise.
  • Durability: Water and dust resistance for longevity.
  • Discreet and comfortable: Designed to be unnoticeable during daily wear.
  • Connectivity: Connects with phones, TVs, and other devices effortlessly.
  • Long-lasting battery: A single charge provides up to 20 hours of clear hearing.

The hearing set are designed to be unnoticeable during daily wear. Photo courtesy of HearingLife.

Oticon Intent™ enables users to engage fully with their environment, providing a sense of normalcy and freedom that was previously difficult for many experiencing hearing loss.To experience these hearing aids, customers can take advantage of a free 30-day trial!

Hearing Awareness Month brings special offers!

In recognition of May being Hearing Awareness Month, HearingLife is offering a discount of up to $2100 on select hearing aids. “This initiative is part of our commitment to encourage individuals to invest in their hearing health, ensuring that they don’t miss out on the joys of clear sound,” Koebel says.

With HearingLife White Rock clinic at 1479 Johnston Rd, customized hearing care is accessible in your neighbourhood. Book an appointment online or call 1-888-514-9515.

*Brændgaard/Zapata-Rodríguez et al. (2024). 4D Sensor technology and Deep Neural Network 2.0 in Oticon Intent. Technical review and evaluation. Oticon whitepaper.