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88% of mail-in ballots returned in Surrey-White Rock and Surrey South

9,752 yet-to-be counted ballots in the Surrey-White Rock and 11,213 ballots in Surrey South.
Clockwise from top left, Surrey South candidates Stephanie Cadieux (BC Liberal), Pauline Greaves (NDP), Tim Ibbotson (Green), and Surrey-White Rock candidates Pixie Hobby (Green), Jason Bax (Libertarian), Megan Knight (Independent), Bryn Smith (NDP) and Trevor Halford (BC Liberal).

Elections BC published a progress report Monday, indicating there are 9,752 yet-to-be counted ballots in the Surrey-White Rock riding and 11,213 ballots in Surrey South.

In Surrey South, 12,703 vote-by-mail packages were issued and 11,208 were issued in Surrey-White Rock. According to the preliminary results, between 87 and 88 per cent of mail-in ballots requested were returned to Elections BC in the two ridings.

The report, which is subject to change, shows the estimated number of certification envelopes containing absentee or mail-in ballots that each electoral district has received so far. During final count preparations, certification envelopes containing absentee or mail-in ballots are sent from where they are cast or received to the voter’s district of residence.

The report does not show the final number of absentee and mail-in ballots per district.

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If anything is to be learned from the preliminary numbers, it’s that that the Oct. 24 voting-day results are anything but concrete.

At the end of election day, BC Liberal Stephanie Cadieux finished with 7,945 votes, ahead of NDP’s Pauline Greaves who received 6,728 votes. A total of 16,303 people voted at a polling station in that riding.

In Surrey-White Rock, BC Liberal Trevor Halford ended the day with 6,840 votes, while NDP’s Bryn Smith garnered 6,111 votes. A total of 16,903 people voted at polling stations in that riding.

MAP: Provincial election results, riding by riding

Leading candidates in each riding, who indicated they were cautiously optimistic, said they’ll hold off on declaring victory until all of the votes are counted.

“It’s not an easy thing for people to run for office and I respect everybody who does. And out of respect, let’s wait until the ballots are counted,” incumbent Cadieux said Oct. 25 when asked to comment on the results.

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