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Abbotsford man sues over TikTok sex assault accusations

Lawsuit seeks damages from two women for alleged defamation
Daniel Corr of Abbotsford is suing two women who he says defamed him on the social media platform TikTok when they publicly accused him of sexual assault. (Instagram photo)

An Abbotsford man with a large following on the TikTok social media platform is suing two young women for defamation after they publicly accused him of sexual assault.

Daniel Corr, now 20, alleges in his two notices of civil claim that the accusations resulted in his first TikTok account being taken down, his reputation and character being damaged, and him being subjected to “ridicule, hatred and contempt.”

In their responses to Corr’s notices of civil claim, both women deny that they made up the accusations.

Both sexual-assault allegations – from 2019 and 2020 (when Corr was 17 and 18) – were investigated by police. In one, police determined that the accusations were unsubstantiated, according to the court documents.

In the other, Crown did not approve charges.

The court documents indicate that in or around summer 2020, one of the women, who is not being named because she was a minor at the time, posted a TikTok video to her 100,000 followers in which she accused Corr of being her “r@pist” and named him.

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Another video was posted on June 14, 2021 by Corr’s former girlfriend, who is also not being named because she was a minor. At the time, Corr’s TikTok account had 548,000 followers, the documents state.

The words she posted across her video included “Finding out my rapist ex is on TikTok ..” and “Half a million people don’t know what he’s done to me.”

The video went viral, and the woman released Corr’s TikTok user name in the comments section, the court documents indicate.

Corr – who now has a second TikTok account (@danielneedstostay) with another 508,000 followers – claims in his lawsuit that the accusations resulted in TikTok shutting down his first account.

He alleges that the two women each acted “with malice” and knew that the words “and the innuendo arising from them were false and defamatory, or they acted with careless and reckless disregard for the truth.”

“The defamatory words have caused damage, and will continue to cause damage, to Mr. Corr’s reputation personally, and in the way of his profession, trade and calling,” each of his lawsuits states.

Both women deny that they lied.

“(Her) actions were in no way false, malicious or defamatory but an account of her personal experience,” states one of the women’s responses.

“… (Her) intention was to protect the public, and especially early teenage girls … her intention was not to lower the plaintiff’s reputation.”

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The other woman’s response claims that Corr’s TikTok account was shut down because of its “vile and disgusting content” and not because of the sexual assault allegations.

An online description of Corr’s account says he is “known for posting satirical characters and skits” and that one of his most popular characters is “Brad, a sexist British virgin.”

Corr is seeking an injunction to prevent any further accusations being printed or broadcast, and for an apology and retraction on all the women’s social media platforms.

He is also seeking general, special, punitive and aggravated damages, as well as a claim for injury to his reputation.

One of the women has filed a counterclaim, seeking general, pecuniary and aggravated damages.

The lawsuits are still underway, and none of the defamation allegations have been proved in court.

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