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Crescent Park trees felled as part of Surrey’s tree-hazard program

‘Only dead or structurally compromised trees’ removed, says city parks manager
A handful of large trees were recently felled in Crescent Park as part of the City of Surrey’s tree-hazard program. (Nick Greenizan photo)

A number of large trees recently felled in South Surrey’s Crescent Park were cut as part of the city’s 2022 “tree hazard program” after an inspection of the park.

The fallen trees – a handful of which were in the southeast corner of the park, with others scattered throughout – were rotting and at risk of falling over, according to the City of Surrey.

Surrey’s manager of Parks Neal Aven told Peace Arch News that “only dead or structurally compromised trees that have a high likelihood of falling into areas occupied by people or facilities are removed.”

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Earlier this week, a South Surrey resident reached out to PAN to inquire about why so many trees had been cut, while also noting that the fallen trees had been left on the forest floor – “It looks like Hell,” he said – rather than removed.

Aven said “the retention of woody debris… (provides) habitat for mammals, amphibians, birds and insects.”

He also noted that part of the tree hazard management program includes the replanting of trees at a ratio of two trees for every one removed.”

Replanting will take place in the fall of 2022, “when the weather conditions are favourable for successful planting,” Aven added.

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